Buy Internet Data Using SMS Short Code

Buy Internet Data Using SMS Short Code is a platform that offers wide range of services which includes internet data, airtime (VTU) purchase, printing of recharge cards, bulk SMS, electricity bills payment, cables bill subscription, smile purchase, money transfer etc.

Our culture is to provide remarkable and exciting experiences for all our customers, so that they can always have get things done fast and easy.

Introducing SMS Short Code On

We understand that our users won't always have access to internet connectivity but needs to use any of our services; this means that you can now access any of our services (starting with data purchase) on your phone without the use of internet or without logging in to our website or mobile app just. This is done by sending a short code message to 07038067493. This feature is to make sure that we are able to serve everybody without any form of hindrances and we are so happy serving you.

How Does It Work

To get started using the SMS short code format, you need to have set a 4 digit pin; you can set this by logging to your dashboard, navigate to profile settings page. Click on SMS Settings Tab. Set your 4 digit code, and that’s it.

Step 2: Payscribe will only acknowledge an SMS that is sent from a particular number(s). You can set this number(s) still on your account settings page, click on SMS settings tab. Any number except the one you added won’t be recognized by payscribe.

SMS Short code

Currently, our short code only supports data purchase
You can look up data plans and sending the below SMS short code ONLY from the number(s) which you have already registered on your account.

SMS short code format


Please take note of the space between the words. The words are not case sensitive

Replace the [NETWORK] with either mtn, glo, airtel or 9mobile

Replace the [SERVICE] with data

Replace the [PHONE_NUMBER] with the number you want to buy the data for; the number must be a valid network number

Replace the [PLAN] with the data plan you want to buy. Please click here to see the available plan alias for all networks

Replace the [PIN] with your 4 digit pin, the pin number you have set on your account.

Send the Short code from your registered number to 07038067493

And that's it :)

Please note this feature is on Beta Stage, if you have any challenge, or request, kindly make use of the contact form and we will be glad to attend to it.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Will I be charge for using this service?

A: No! You won't be charge, its Free! But if subscribe to get a response for the SMS, we charge N2.5/ SMS page

Q: Does this service works for all networks?

A: Yes, the SMS short code works for all network glo, mtn, airtel, 9mobile

Q: How can I get the plans?

A: Please visit this link >>>> Get data network plan and alias

Q: Can I subscribe for someone using this feature?

A: Yes, you can subscribe to anyone, just send from the number you set on your account setting, and you are good to go.

Q: If I have any more features for my company, who can I contact?

A: We're always available, kindly make use of the contact form or the chat box

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    Josephine Anyadinigwe U. 1 year ago Reply

    Very nice and easy to use i said by friends and I am giving a presentation of the most important to me.with all the features i must say it's recommended for all

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    Tokunbo 1 year ago Reply

    This is beautiful. Well done payscribe

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