How To Stop Unsolicited Charges on Airtel line

How To Stop Unsolicited Charges On Airtel Line

Have you been incuring unescessary charges on airtel?

How To Stop Airtel From Deducting Your Airtime

There are actually two independent option to stop the deduction of your Airtel credit.

Whichever that will work for you will depend on what is responsible for the credit reduction.

1. Send GROOM STOP to 38043. After sending this you will receive a confirmation message. Send again if you don't get the message. The SMS, is free so you don't have to be scared.

2. Dial *902# , and select Stop Services.

This will let you see if there are any other services running which you are not aware of.

You probably must have opt-in for any of the services unconsciously

Most times people activate different services without even having idea.

This is where the Telecom network got it wrong. They should create an avenue where their customers will have to verify before opt-in into any Value Added Services (VAS).

We hope this helps?

How to stop unsolicited charges on MTN Network)
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