Introducing NUBAN ACCOUNT Numbers on

Introducing NUBAN ACCOUNT Numbers On

Any time we count our success by how pleasing your experience o, we get inspired and motivated to do more. We understand that there are lots of other things that matter to you and having seamless interaction on should be less of your worries.

We are super excited to announce to share our new update. Every account (both old users and new users) now come with a NUBAN account number.

What this means:

- The Bank Transfer Payment Method: This requires you to initiate the amount you want to fund, upload proof of payment after you have successfully made payment. This method needs us as an admin to verify your proof of payment, and of course, the delay in wallet funding could arise because sometimes we get a delay notification from the bank. :( We understand how this frustrate you.

The Good Part:

First, in addition to the other ways of funding your wallet (Bank Transfer or Payment using Paystack), you can simply use the bank transfer option to send money directly to your Payscribe account and this would be reflected immediately. This makes funding your wallet an even quicker and easier process that can be done from almost any payment platform.

Furthermore, you can send your NUBAN account number to friends and loved ones just as you will normally do with your normal account details and your payscribe wallet will be funded immediately. You can now get paid directly to your wallet. No more moving money from your salary account to Wallets, now you can just get paid directly.

How do I use this Feature?

 - Click on "Fund wallet" on your dashboard transaction menu;

- Select the "Bank Deposit/Transfer" option and your account details would be shown;

- Click on the "Copy Account Number" to copy your account number to your clipboard for easy sharing.

And that's it, send money to the account number from any other bank, and your wallet will be funded automatically

If you have any questions concerning this new feature or anything generally, please feel free to drop a comment or contact us using the chatbox, send mail using the contact page.

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  • Philip sha

    Philip Shamikal 3 months ago Reply

    I send mtn data to airtel number

  • Idris faru

    Idris Faruq 6 months ago Reply

    How can I withdraw from my account

  • Jeremiah I

    Jeremiah Ibekwe 6 months ago Reply

    I still don't understand the whole payment thing especially that part that has to do with uploading proof. How do I even go about that

  • Mustapha

    Mustapha 8 months ago Reply

    Please I fund my wallet and I’m having pending transaction

    Support 53 years ago

    Kindly contact support with your email ID using the WhatsApp ICON. Thank you

  • Stephen ch

    Stephen Chibuzor 8 months ago Reply

    I just funded my account but it didn't reflect on my wallet

  • Odesola Bi

    Odesola Bibitayo 12 months ago Reply

    Pls I have received email that I have funded my ewallet but it hasn't reflected on my account. I couldn't load data for customers

  • Ibrahim Mo

    Ibrahim Mohammed 1 year ago Reply

    Please i have Make payment to become a reseller since day before yesterday and i didn't receive any response

    Support 53 years ago

    Hello, Contact support using the live chat or WhatsApp for resolution

  • Pascal

    Pascal 1 year ago Reply

    Each time I want to fund my wallet I will be told INVALID THIRD PARTY MOBILE NUMBER, PLEASE PUT THE CORRECT NUMBER. What should I do because I didn't register any third party mobile number when I was opening payscribe account. Please where is the fault from?.

  • Izuchi

    Izuchi 1 year ago Reply

    Airtime vouchers is disappointing. Customers can't wait for it's series of error messages. It doesn't load

  • Well ann

    Well Ann 2 years ago Reply

    Please how do I recharge a meter with the amount

    Payscribe Support 53 years ago

    Hello Well Ann, Kindly login to your account, click on Pay Bills. Select the disco (Ikeja, PHED, EKO, BEDC ...) you want to buy, and select the meter type (Prepaid or Postpaid). Verify the meter number and you will have access to enter the amount. Submit. Immediately you will get a receipt + token for the transaction (Token will only be generated for prepaid meter type)

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